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          Last February, Sagamore Ventures invested in luxury watchmaker Towson Watch Company. The company was founded in 2000 by George Thomas and Hartwig Balke, master watchmakers from the Czech Republic and Germany, respectively.

          This duo has an eventful set of experiences in watchmaking. Balke is known for having designed a watch worn by a NASA astronaut during a space shuttle mission in 2000. In 2009, the two watchmakers were called in by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History to examine and repair a gold pocket watch that belonged to Abraham Lincoln. They helped discover a message engraved by a watchmaker who repaired it in 1861. Now George and Hartwig design and handcraft watches in their basement in Towson, MD.

          Here at Sagamore Ventures we take a holistic approach in supporting our investment companies. We not only look at the product or service they are offering, but also where we can help fill the gaps in their marketing, online presence, and brand identity. We observed that the Towson Watch Company website that was live when we invested in the company was no more than a contact form that allowed the user to inquire about a brochure. We also noticed that the website was not mobile friendly and lacked the elegance and style to match their watches.

          After identifying the website’s shortcomings, we formulated a plan for a new website. Our first priority was to create a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform.  Another one of our main goals for the website was to highlight the stories of George, Hartwig, and the origins of Towson Watch Company. To communicate that, we used a portion of the homepage real estate to display the fascinating stories of this company and the master watchmakers who brought it to life.

          During the design process for the website we also realized that the style of the logo didn’t quite fit the look of all the other elements. We made a few tasteful tweaks to help bring the logo into the 21st century by highlighting the delicate lines of their insignia and balancing it with updated typefaces.

          On the website, you can view all of the watches and also visualize the look of each one with a different band. It has a completely new look and now you can purchase a watch directly from the site. Check it out at!