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Here at Sagamore Ventures we’ve been excited to announce an expansion of our collaboration with Betamore! They will be our valued partners in bringing education opportunities to City Garage and developing a physical coworking space in Main Street. Betamore is a federal-hill based coworking space and education hub. In addition to operating a physical space for companies and individuals to work, they host one-time classes and twelve-week academies on topics ranging from Ruby on Rails to marketing and leadership. Betamore’s focus on high quality entrepreneurship education was a major reason we were so excited to continue our partnership.

Below you can see a diagram on the City Garage ecosystem and how Betamore fits into the overall picture.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.43.57 AM

We see City Garage as a hub for innovation and education. Inspired by Kevin Plank’s path as a young entrepreneur, we wanted to create a place and foster a community where individuals can launch product companies. This is a place under one roof where you can learn how to code, understand your Google Analytics, build your business model, get coached on how to pitch to VC’s, weld, and work on 3D printers. This will create an optimal space for product entrepreneurs to iterate quickly and tackle their hardware, software, and business needs to grow as companies and individuals.

We can’t wait to share more over the coming months as construction begins and new details arise. Stay tuned!