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Globally Inspired, Locally Focused

About Sagamore Ventures

Sagamore Ventures is the venture capital arm of Plank Industries, the privately-held company of Kevin Plank, CEO & Founder of Under Armour. We seek to create a positive impact in Baltimore through investment and entrepreneurship.

We are unlike a traditional venture capital firm in that we have three main areas of focus: strategic partnerships, community projects, and startup investments. 

Community Work

 We are focused on creating jobs, wealth, and opportunity to better our local community. Together, we will build a better city for our residents and a better future for tomorrow.  

Our First Project: City Garage

Once known as the City of Baltimore Central Automotive Repair Garage, this 140,000 square foot warehouse was abandoned in 2009. It sat vacant for 6 years before construction began in the summer of 2015 and “City Garage” became the first adaptive reuse project in the Port Covington development. Now an innovation hub for product development, the mission of City Garage is to build a community focuses on the creation, development, and production of new and innovative products.

A Baltimore Mural

This is a mural on Hanover Street (visible from City Garage) made in collaboration between local artist Billy Mode, Richard Best a professor of street art at MICA and leader at Section1. The mural spells Baltimore in a custom hexagon, modular-style font that includes elements of steel, American flags, and designs inspired by Under Armour shoes.

The mural is intended to capture the spirit of our community of product innovators, while working to foster relationships with local artists. It is an impressive example of what our local artists are capable of, and a reminder of how talented our citizens of Baltimore really are

Our Partners

We form strategic partnerships to help further our mission of building community. These partners share our vision and passion for a better tomorrow and have established themselves as strong community leaders.

The Foundery 

The Foundery is an industrial-grade makerspace located in City Garage in Port Covington. The Foundery helps the early entrepreneur turn an idea into reality, teaches new skills, and hones old hobbies into practical applications.

Baltimore Water Taxi

The Baltimore Water Taxi is a source of transportation for Baltimoreans and visitors to travel to and from home, work, and around town. With new vessels, improved infrastructure, and an app, the Water Taxi is a viable option for everyday travel.


Betamore is a Federal Hill-based coworking space with a new second location in Port Covington’s City Garage. This is a space for an entrepreneur with a business to find not only space but education and supportive resources to help their business gain momentum.

Our Investment Portfolio

We invest to drive value back to our local community, to keep great companies in Baltimore, and to bring great companies to Baltimore.  

New Investments

Sagamore Ventures is currently open to select investment opportunities that align with our strategic priorities and values. If you are interested in being considered for an investment, please fill out the company interest form.

Updates from Sagamore Ventures

Baltimore Water Taxi Improved: Boat Design

Introduction: Over the last few months, the team at Sagamore Ventures has had the thrill and honor of spending a great deal of time working with our friends at the Baltimore Water Taxi. Together, we’ve planned a number of improvements around boat design, technology,...
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Betamore @ City Garage

Here at Sagamore Ventures we’ve been excited to announce an expansion of our collaboration with Betamore! They will be our valued partners in bringing education opportunities to City Garage and developing a physical coworking space in Main Street.
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Sagamore Ventures’ Holiday Gift List

Here at Sagamore Ventures we are preparing eagerly for the holidays, and we know exactly what we’re getting for our loved ones. A collection of our favorite gifts, outlined here.
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Towson Watch Company: New Website

Last February, Sagamore Ventures invested in luxury watchmaker Towson Watch Company. In October we complete remade the Towson Watch Company website to accurately reflect the elegance of their watches and allow customers to make purchases online.
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